Board games Monopoly and Hungry Hungry Hippos are being made into Hollywood movies

And the makers of 'Transformers' are also planning a film based on military toy Action Man

Plans are underway to make board games Monopoly and Hungry Hungry Hippos into Hollywood movies.

A film based on military toy Action Man is also in the works. All three projects are being developed by toymakers Hasbro, the company behind the Transformers franchise, in a joint venture with production company Emmett/Furla Films.

Hasbro confirmed that Monopoly will be first off the blocks, with the two companies aiming to begin production next year. Oscar-winning filmmaker Ridley Scott is said to be on board as producer.

Although Hasbro has enjoyed success with the Transformers series and 2009’s GI Joe: Rise Of Cobra, this year’s Battleship movie – also based on a classic board game – proved less popular. The film, which starred Taylor Kitsch and Rihanna, cost an estimated $209 million (£129 million) to make and grossed a disappointing $302 million (£186 millon) worldwide.

When asked whether he had been put off by Hasbro’s Battleship flop, Randall Emmett of Emmett/Furla Films told the LA Times: “Everything is about how you approach it in price. We’re excited to make these movies in budget ranges where we are comfortable.” He revealed the new films should cost less than $100 million (£62 million) each, and are being conceived as family movies with broad appeal.