Bob Dylan deletes mention of Nobel prize from website

Sentence acknowledging Noble prize deleted after a few hours

Bob Dylan appeared to briefly acknowledge that he had been awarded the Nobel prize in literature only to change his mind hours later.

The mercurial singer-songwriter has remained silent since being awarded the prestigious prize last week at a ceremony in Stockholm.

Mention of the award temporarily appeared on a website plugging a new collection of Dylan’s lyrics, which described him as the “winner of the Nobel prize in literature”. However, the line disappeared from the site in a less than a day.

The single sentence was the only public admission Dylan had given to the award. Despite attempts by the Nobel committee to make contact with the musician, he has not returned their calls.

It remains unclear whether reference to the prize was removed from Dylan’s website on his request, or added in error.

Some fans have called on Dylan to refuse the award because of the Nobel prize’s founder, Alfred Nobel, was an armaments manufacturer.

Even if Dylan decides not to accept the title of Nobel laureate, the Nobel academy do not acknowledge rejections and continue to list winners of its awards.