Bob Mortimer got married 30 minutes before having a triple heart bypass

Popular comedian found out in October that his arteries were 95% blocked

Bob Mortimer has revealed that he got married just half an hour before undergoing major heart surgery.

The comedian wed his longtime partner Lisa Matthews in October after finding out that he needed a triple heart bypass – an operation which forced him and Vic Reeves to postpone a series of tour dates.

“I thought I had a chest infection and went to the doctor – five days later I was under the knife,” the comedian told reporters at a press conference in London yesterday (January 13) to announce the tour’s rescheduled dates. “It came completely out of the blue. My arteries were 95% blocked.”

“I found out I needed heart surgery on the Thursday, so I made a will on the Friday,” Mortimer continued. “I found out I couldn’t get married to Lisa because you have to give 21 days’ notice. My consultant said I was incredibly ill so the registrar in London gave me permission to get married on the Monday. I got married at half nine on the Monday and went to hospital at 10 to have the operation.”

Mortimer’s doctor has since given him the all clear to return to the stage. “I’ve just done all my tests and they said if I was a builder or scaffolder I would be fine to do it,” the comedian explained. “We don’t do any heavy labour in the show so I should be fine. Whether I’ll be funny – no comment.”

Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer will begin their tour ’25 Years of Reeves And Mortimer: The Poignant Moments’ at Leeds’ First Direct Arena on January 30. The tour features 15 shows all over the UK.