Bong Joon-Ho teases “horror-action” disaster movie

"I have an obsession...I really do have to shoot this movie"

Bong Joon-ho has shared details about his plans to make two new movies, revealing that a Korean language one will be a “horror-action”.

The Korean filmmaker, who won the Palme D’or at this year’s Cannes Film Festival for Parasite, told Collider that he has begun working on his next projects: a Korean horror movie and an English-language, true story-inspired drama.

“I had a great time working on Parasite so I want to work on films on the scale of Parasite and Mother, one in Korean and one in English. The Korean project is kind of like a horror film. Of course, I’m working on it so the genres will all be mixed but if you had to choose one genre it would be along the lines of horror,” he said.

He added: “And for the English project, it began with a news article I randomly came across on CNN in 2016. It’s a small realistic drama piece.”

During a Q&A held at the University of Texas last week the director said of the Korean film: “I don’t know if you can call it horror, because in all my films the genre is ambiguous. But if you have to describe it, it’s ‘horror-action’ and a disaster that happens in Seoul.

“I’ve had this idea since 2001, so I’ve been developing it for 18 years, and now I have an obsession. I really do have to shoot this movie…to give you one hint, it’s not a film you can shoot in NYC or Chicago: it only works if all the pedestrians on the street have the same skin tone.”

Meanwhile, the filmmaker’s 2003 Memories of a Murderer has made the headlines again recently after South Korean police finally caught the perpetrator who inspired the murder-mystery.