‘Bourne 5’ is definitely going ahead, says studio chairman

And Matt Damon could return as Jason Bourne...

There will definitely be a fifth Bourne film, the chairman of Universal Pictures has confirmed.

Last year’s The Bourne Legacy introduced a character called Aaron Cross, played by Jeremy Renner, after Matt Damon declined to make a fourth appearance as Jason Bourne. It took an impressive $276 million (£181 million) at cinemas worldwide, but failed to match the success of the previous two Bourne movies.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, chairman Adam Fogelson insisted that Universal does not consider this a flop. He explained: “The point of the last movie was to create a universe, a world and characters that give us a lot of freedom and flexibility in how we go forward. Yeah, the movie didn’t perform the way the last one did. It also didn’t cost what the last one did. It performed more along the lines of how the first one did.”

Fogelson also insisted that there is still life in the franchise, saying: “I absolutely see us doing more Bourne, 100 percent yes. Matt [Damon] has talked about the possibility of coming back, and we totally respect that and are excited if and when he wants to have conversations. But I think the last movie gave us a big bunch of options to pursue a next chapter.”

Speaking last month (January), Damon said his return would depend on the script and the participation of director Paul Greengrass, who helmed the second and third Bourne movies.