#BoycottMulan trends after star’s reported “support for Hong Kong police”

The new film arrived on Disney+ yesterday (September 4)

The #BoycottMulan hashtag has begun trending on Twitter after the Disney film’s online release yesterday (September 4).

After the film’s initial March release date in cinemas, which was curtailed due to the coronavirus outbreak, the film finally arrived on the Disney+ streaming service this week.

Fans have been calling for a boycott of the film due to star Liu Yifei’s reported support of Hong Kong police during ongoing clashes in the country.


Posting on Chinese social media site Weibo (via The Los Angeles Times) last year, Liu shared a statement from reporter Fu Guohao, who works for the Communist Party-owned Global Times publication.

“I support the Hong Kong police. You can beat me up now,” Guohao had written. Liu then shared her own post, confirming: “I also support the Hong Kong police.”

Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong led calls to boycott Mulan upon its release, tweeting: “This film is released today. But because Disney kowtows to Beijing, and because Liu Yifei openly and proudly endorses police brutality in Hong Kong, I urge everyone who believes in human rights to #BoycottMulan.”

Another tweeter added: “Mulan has always been about heroism, bravery, and sacrifice; and we already have countless stories like that in the real world. You don’t need a fictional film that its actor didn’t stand up for anything but police brutality.”


“As a Disney’s fan, I’m totally disappointed in Disney this time,” another fan added. “How can you promote this woman who supports state brutality against the people. You can take any action, but you didn’t. So let the social sanction begin!”


Reviewing Mulan, NME‘s Katie Smith-Wong called the film “the best live-action Disney reboot to date,” adding: “Mulan is dominated by Liu, whose strong performance balances emotion with physical prowess.

“Visually, director Niki Caro incorporates elements of martial arts films – or wuxia – to highlight her protagonist’s athletic ability. Elsewhere, the story focuses on her character and spiritual development without being overly referential to the Disney film.”