Brad Pitt breakdances on ‘The Tonight Show’ – watch

'Fight Club' star's WWII drama 'Fury' is released in cinemas October 22

Brad Pitt appeared in a breakdancing skit with host Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show this week. The actor was promoting his new film Fury.

The WWII drama Fury will close the London Film Festival next week and is released in cinemas October 22.

The skit from The Tonight Show is called ‘Breakdance Conversation’ and features host and star throwing shapes to communicate with each other. When Pitt back-flips off a wall the subtitle reads: “If you don’t see it [my new movie], I’ll be furious.”

In David Training Day Ayer’s Fury, Pitt plays ‘Wardaddy’, the commander of a five-man Sherman tank crew. Caught behind enemy lines during the Allies’ final push in April 1945 his crew are under threat.

The battle-hardened Sergeant makes a pledge: “I started this war killing Germans in Africa. Now I’m killing Germans in Germany. I promised my crew a long time ago that I’d keep them alive!”

Wardaddy’s crew also features Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Pena (End of Watch) and The Walking Dead‘s Jon Bernthal.

Ayer has promised to recreate the “brutal dirty business” of tank warfare. The film’s producer Bill Block has revealed: “There’s nothing digital about this. Real tanks. Real uniforms and equipment. All of it shot in the actual mud, rain and pain of winter Europe.”

Watch Pitt and Fallon’s ‘Breakdance Conversation’ below.