Brad Pitt pledges to retire from acting by the age of 50

But there are 'still a couple of things' that he would like to do on screen

Brad Pitt has pledged to retire from acting by the time he is 50.

The Hollywood big hitter has suggested that he will likely stop appearing on screen in within the “next three years,” but hinted that he would continue to work behind the camera.

He told Australian talkshow 60 Minutes: “I’ve really enjoyed the producerial side and getting stories to the plate that may have had a harder time otherwise.”

The interview echoes previous comments about his screen career having a shelf life in the Sunday Times: “We all have a shelf life, and mine is coming. Although there are a couple of things I’d still like to do. I am looking forward to playing a grumpy old dude one day, that’s for sure.”

Pitt can next be seen in baseball drama Moneyball, released in the UK on November 25. You can watch the trailer at the bottom of the page.