‘Breaking Bad’ actor Aaron Paul previews ‘Need For Speed’ movie at E3 – watch

Director Scott Waugh promises cinema-goers will feel like they're 'really driving at 230mph'

A first look at Need For Speed was showcased at E3 – you can watch the preview by scrolling down the page and clicking ‘play’.

The film, which is based on the popular series of racing car video games by Electronic Arts, was previewed by Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul, who stars in the movie’s lead role, at the annual gaming conference in Los Angeles yesterday (June 10).

Introducing the short, behind-the-scenes clip of the making of the movie, Paul told the crowd: “Just like the game, we’re looking to give you an adrenaline rush that puts you on the edge of your seat.”

Need For Speed is definitely accurate and authentic to real racing car culture,” says director Scott Waugh in the trailer. He also promises that cinema-goers will feel like they’re “really driving at 230mph”.

Need For Speed sees Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul), a street racer, go into a racing deal with arrogant car supplier Dino (Dominic Cooper) only to find himself in prison after being framed when his best friend dies in a crash. On his release he seeks redemption by entering into a cross-country race.

Imogen Poots, rapper Kid Cudi, Ramon Rodriguez, Harrison Gilbertson and Michael Keaton are all set to star in the computer game adaptation. Need For Speed is scheduled for release on March 14, 2014.