‘Bridesmaids’ actress Rebel Wilson in talks for ‘The Hunger Games’ role

The second 'Hunger Games' movie has finished shooting but two more films are already in the works

Rebel Wilson has revealed she is in talks to appear in The Hunger Games.

The Australian actress is increasingly in demand following her scene-stealing appearances in 2011’s Bridesmaids and last year’s Pitch Perfect. She is also due to host year’s MTV Movie Awards, which takes place in LA on April 14.

Asked whether she would ever consider a role in The Hunger Games, Wilson told Buzzfeed: “Um, seriously, I have had a meeting about being in The Hunger Games. Yes.”

Discussing the part she is up for, Wilson added: “It was one of the people in the capitol. That’s all I’ll say. Yeah, because there aren’t a lot of roles open, because they’ve all already been cast, but that would be awesome. I’d love to be in The Hunger Games.”

The second film in The Hunger Games series, Catching Fire, finished shooting last December (2012) and is due to arrive in cinemas on November 22. Jennifer Lawrence has reprised her role as heroine Katniss and Philip Seymour Hoffmann has joined a large ensemble cast that already includes Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Woody Harrelson and Elizabeth Banks. Two more films are planned after that, both based on Mockingjay, the third and final Hunger Games novel by Suzanne Moore.