Brie Larson officially cast as Captain Marvel for new film

Oscar-winning actress unveiled at the Marvel San Diego Comic Con panel on Saturday

Brie Larson has officially been cast as the title role for the upcoming film Captain Marvel.

The news was announced during Marvel Studios’ San Diego Comic Con panel on Saturday, which also included features on upcoming releases Doctor Strange and Spiderman: Homecoming. Oscar winner Larson will play air force pilot Carol Danvers, who following a serious accident has her DNA fused with that of an alien, and is left with powers including super strength and flight.

Larson also shared a photo to her Twitter page of herself wearing a hat with the Marvel Studios logo on it, saying “Call me Captain Marvel”. The Room actor had been rumoured to have been the frontrunner for the role for a number of months.

Head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige said of the decision to cast Larson, “Carol Danvers needs to be as rich and textured and real as the best of our characters. Maybe even more so. And we got very lucky that Brie — who has all of those attributes, and an Academy Award now — was still very interested in signing up and joining us to bring this character to life.”