Check out this brilliant ‘Detective Pikachu’ and ‘Blade Runner’ parody trailer

Two worlds collide...

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu has been merged with Blade Runner 2049 in a new spoof movie trailer. Check out the clip below.

The real trailer for the live-action Pokémon movie was unveiled earlier this month, and was met with by a mixed reaction from fans online. Comparisons were drawn between Ryan Reynolds’ Pikachu and the actor’s superhero role in Deadpool.

Some viewers also noticed that the aesthetics of Detective Pikachu appeared to have been inspired by Blade Runner‘s futuristic style.


Now, a clever video editor called Adam Butcher has combined the two worlds to create a surreal hybrid of the films. In the alternate reality YouTube clip, Blade Runner star Harrison Ford voices Pikachu resulting in a somewhat darker tone

Meanwhile, Detective Pikachu is set for release on March 23, 2019. The film takes a realistic approach to the famous video game universe, with Pokémon rendered in high-quality CGI and interacting with real humans. Starring alongside Reynolds are Justice Smith , Kathryn Newton, and Ken Watanabe.

Ahead of the new movie’s trailer being released, Pokémon fans were shocked last year when a scene in the franchise’s latest movie saw Pikachu speak in English for the first time ever.

Earlier this year, Pikachu actor Ryan Reynolds discussed Deadpool’s sexuality and how he would love an opportunity to explore more LGBTQ+ relationships in future films.


Elsewhere, an episode of the Pokémon TV series was removed from US schedules after concerns that one scene showed a main character wearing blackface.