Bruce Lee’s ‘Game Of Death’ coat snapped up at auction

Late martial arts legend never finished work on 1973 film

A coat worn by Bruce Lee in one of his final film appearances has been snapped up at an auction in Hong Kong.

The fur-lined garment, which Lee sported in Game Of Death, was bought by an American couple for HK$600,000 (£47,000), reports BBC News.

It was among a lot of a dozen pieces of Lee memorabilia, including a letter and a name card, which went under the hammer, raising HK$1.7 million.

Anna Lee, spokesperson for auctioneers Phila China Auctions, told Reuters:

Aside from little items here and there on Ebay, there hasn’t been a major auction of his material. Bruce Lee definitely is popular. I think the legend will continue, definitely.


Along with wearing the coat during filming, Lee also sported it for the Hong Kong premiere of his best-known film, Enter The Dragon.

He never finished work on Game Of Death after dying at the age of 32 in 1973. However, 100 minutes of footage of the June Kune Do martial arts movement founder were shot and various versions of the film have since been released.