Bruce Willis confirmed for ‘Sin City 2’

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has also joined the cast for the sequel, which opens this October (2013)

Bruce Willis will be back for Sin City 2, director Robert Rodriguez has confirmed.

Co-directed by Rodriguez and Frank Miller based on Miller’s series of graphic novels, the original Sin City was a hit with critics and film fans back in 2005. Willis appeared as a detective called John Hartigan, slotting into an ensemble cast that also featured Jessica Alba, Clive Owen, Mickey Rourke and Rosario Dawson.

Sequel rumours circulated for several years, before a follow-up movie finally went into pre-production this April (2012). Rodriguez and Miller, returning as co-directors, gave the sequel an official title: Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. Soon afterwards, Alba, Rourke, Owen and Dawson all signed up to reprise their roles.

The directors started shooting Sin City 2 last October (2012), but Willis’s role has only now been confirmed. During an interview with MTV, Rodriguez revealed: “Bruce is back, so you’ll be seeing him.”

Earlier this month (January), Joseph Gordon-Levitt announced that he has joined the sequel. Discussing the actor’s role in the film, Rodriguez said: “It’s a new character. He plays a gambler, a very cocky gambler, who comes in and tries to beat the biggest villain in Sin City at his own game. The story’s called ‘The Long, Bad Night.’ He beats the wrong guy in a game and bad stuff happens to him.”

Other new additions to the cast include Josh Brolin, Ray Liotta, Jeremy Piven and Juno Temple. Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, which is being shot in 3D, will open in cinemas on October 4.