Bruce Willis endorses ‘Die Hard’ prequel: ‘It’s a really cool idea’

Willis throws his support behind the planned 'Die Hard' origin story

Bruce Willis has thrown his support behind the planned Die Hard prequel film.

The loose prequel, which currently has the working title Die Hard Year One, would largely be set in 1979 and focus on John McClane’s early career as a New York City cop. A new, younger actor would play McClane in the late ’70s, with Willis reprising his iconic role in “bookend” scenes set in the present day.

Len Wiseman, who directed the franchise’s fourth instalment, 2007’s Live Free Or Die Hard, came up with the concept for the new movie and is on board to direct. At the end of last week it was reported that he and the film’s producer, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, are now looking for a screenwriter for Die Hard Year One.

Asked for his thoughts on the sequel yesterday, Willis told Entertainment Tonight enthusiastically: “It’s a very good idea, a really tricky idea, and I’m very happy about it. It’s a really cool idea, because it’s the origin story. It’s gonna happen at the beginning of this. We’re going to bounce back and forth.”

Willis last played John McClane in 2013’s A Good Day To Die Hard, which was poorly received by fans and films critics but nevertheless performed respectably at the box office, grossing $304 million (£196 million) worldwide. Wiseman and di Bonaventura are said to be keeping the actor “in the loop every step of the way” on the new movie featuring his most famous character.