Bruce Willis gives TV interview wearing his dressing gown – watch

Actor seems to be channelling Hugh Hefner during his appearance on ITV1's 'Daybreak'

Bruce Willis has added to his recent run of unconventional interviews by appearing on ITV1’s Daybreak in his dressing gown.

The actor, perhaps channelling Hugh Hefner, chatted to Daybreak‘s Kate Garraway yesterday morning (July 31) while wrapped up in a cosy-looking white fluffy robe, which he wore over his shirt and trousers. Scroll down and click ‘play’ to watch Willis keeping comfy on national TV.

However, Willis remains engaged and relatively chatty throughout his Daybreak interview, a marked change from his excruciating encounter with Magic 105.4’s Jamie Edwards last week (July 23), in which Willis told the reporter: “I can hardly keep my mind on this interview. I’m thinking about driving somewhere, maybe the M1?”

Earlier this year, he gave a notoriously awkward and incoherent interview on BBC1’s The One Show, for which he later blamed jet lag.

Willis was appearing on Daybreak to promote Red 2, the sequel to 2010’s golden oldies hit Red, which opens in cinemas this Friday (August 2). He’s joined in the action comedy by Helen Mirren, John Malkovich, Anthony Hopkins, Mary-Louise Parker and Catherine Zeta-Jones.