Bruce Willis stars in new ‘Die Hard 5’ trailer – watch

And he's in wise-cracking form as no-nonsense cop John McClane

A second trailer for A Good Day To Die Hard has been released – scroll down to watch it.

The new teaser finds Bruce Willis in wise-cracking form as no-nonsense New York City cop John McClane. It also features glimpses of Mary Elizabeth Winstead as McClane’s daughter Lucy and Jai Courtney as his son Jack.

Willis first played McClane in the 1988 action classic Die Hard. He has reprised the role in three previous sequels: 1990’s Die Hard 2, 1995’s Die Hard With A Vengeance and 2007’s Live Free And Die Hard.

The new movie follows McClane and son Jack as they battle terrorist forces in Russia. It has a script by Skip Woods, whose previous credits include X-Men Origins: Wolverine and GI Joe: The Rise Of Cobra. Irishman John Moore is on board as director, taking over the chair from Len Wiseman, who helmed the last Die Hard flick.

The first trailer was released earlier this month (October 2012) and you can watch it here. Though not a natural date movie, A Good Day To Die Hard is scheduled for release on Valentine’s Day next year (2013).