“He’s not a very good person”: Bryan Cranston thinks Kevin Spacey’s career is over

Everything is being exposed."

Bryan Cranston has responded to the wave of sexual assault allegations sweeping Hollywood, and admitted he believes that Kevin Spacey’s career is over.

The Breaking Bad’s comments came in an interview with BBC Newsbeat after Spacey was hit with a number of historic allegations which have led to a subsequent investigation by the Metropolitan Police.

Cranston admitted that he had never witnessed any incidents first hand, “although you know it has gone on”.

“He’s a phenomenal actor, but he’s not a very good person. His career now I think is over”, Cranston said of Spacey.

However, he’s now hopeful that the voices coming forward to bravely share their stories will lead to a change of the “animalistic” power abuses that have taken place in Hollywood.

“That sort of experience goes unchecked until something like this happens,” he said.

Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey is facing sexual assault allegations

“The pillars of what was are falling. Everything is being exposed.”

Cranston’s comments come only a day after it was announced that Spacey will be cut from upcoming Ridley Scott film All The Money In The World.

Despite being only a month away from the film’s December release, Scott has announced that veteran actor Christopher Plummer will replace Spacey in the role of oil tycoon J.Paul Getty – with co-stars Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg returning for extensive reshoots.