Bus explosion stunt for Jackie Chan movie ‘The Foreigner’ shocks Londoners – watch

Special effects did their job in Lambeth today

A bus stunt for Jackie Chan movie The Foreigner alarmed Londoners, who feared a terrorist attack was taking place in Lambeth earlier today (February 7).

The Foreigner is based on the book ‘The Chinaman’ released in 1992 by Stephen Leather, and will star Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan.

Conservative MP Nigel Huddleston caught the explosion, according to The Guardian, and tweeted about its impact, saying the “scale and realism of the explosion would have worried a lot of people”.


“Anyone worried about the exploding bus on Lambeth Bridge just now?” he tweeted. “It was just for a movie.”

Watch the staged explosion below:


Martin Campbell will direct the movie, which – assuming it follows a similar plot line to the book – is based around a Vietnamese lead character who escapes the vicious environs of the Vietnam War to start over in London, only to see his family killed in an IRA bombing.

The plot follows his search for revenge, which utilises the skills he learned back in Vietnam.

The Foreigner is still in the very early stages of filming and has an estimated budget of $35 million. There is no confirmed release date.