Canada calls for compensation from Netflix after real-life disaster footage featured in ‘Bird Box’

"For people in Lac-Megantic, they saw images of their own downtown burning."

Canadian officials has slammed Netflix for using real life disaster footage in Bird Box, urging them to provide compensation for victims.

The apocalyptic horror movie, which stars Sandra Bullock, features footage of the 2013 Lac-Megantic disaster which killed 47 people when a train carrying crude oil derailed and exploded in the town.

But after the mayor of Lac-Megantic unsuccesfully campaigned for Netflix to remove the footage, which depicted an apocalyptic scene, the Canadian Parliament has now demanded compensation.

According to reports, Canadian legislator Pierre Nantel is leading the campaign to secure compensation for the town.

“For people in Lac-Megantic, they saw images of their own downtown burning, and could imagine their own family members in it,” said Nantel.

Canadian MPs have also reportedly filed a “stern rebuke” against Netflix in a bid to ensure that all images of the disaster are removed from the streaming service.

The latest controversy to hit the film comes after Bird Box sparked a viral challenge that saw users emulating the events of the film.

The viral craze saw users performing a variety of tasks while blindfolded, and saw the danger stakes being continually raised by YouTubers including Jake Paul – culminating in an incident last week when a teenage girl drove her car into the path of oncoming traffic while blindfolded.

The challenge consequently sparked a YouTube ban on videos that “depict challenges and pranks.”