‘Captain America’ statue to be erected in New York park

Marvel have commissioned a 13-foot bronze statue of the character

A Captain America statue is to be erected in a New York park.

Marvel have commissioned a 13-foot tall bronze statue of the superhero to be made and homed in Brooklyn.

The figure, which will be located in Prospect Park, will also bear the Captain America: The First Avenger quote “I’m just a kid from Brooklyn”, according to Vulture.

It was recently announced that a UK Blu-ray and DVD release date for Captain America: Civil War has been set for September 5.

The latest Avengers movie will be released with the former featuring up to 60 minutes of extra bonus footage which includes deleted scenes, the making of and an exploration of the evolution of Iron Man and Captain America.

The release also includes a gag reel of outtakes and a behind the scenes sneak peak of the forthcoming Doctor Strange movie.