Captain America was originally supposed to fight giant Nazi robot in first film

Two of the film's writers have shared a few new stories on the Marvel flick's 10th anniversary

Captain America was originally supposed to fight a giant Nazi robot in the first film of the popular Marvel franchise.

Captain America: The First Avenger celebrated 10 years since its cinematic release last week (July 22), and two of the film’s writers spoke to Yahoo! about the script and some of the changes that were made.

Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely revealed that one of the changes in the script involved removing a “huge Hydra robot” that Captain America (played by Chris Evans) was supposed to face off against.


“A large chunk of the third act was Cap fighting this robot,” Markus said, revealing that the Nazi super robot – dubbed Panzermax – was under the control of Hugo Weaving’s Red Skull.

Explaining why the idea was cut from the final screenplay, Markus said: “I think eventually it was a budget and time thing. Where it was like, ‘We really can’t be spending that much time.'”

Elsewhere in the interview, the writers also shared their opinion on the fan theory that Steve Rogers (aka Captain America) was a virgin until he decided to stay in the past at the end of Avengers: Endgame.

“I think he loses his virginity! Why do people think he’s a virgin?” McFeely said, before adding that he thinks Rogers probably got intimate during his USO Tours in the first movie.

“If you look like that, and you’re going to city to city, and you’re signing autographs for the likes of the ladies that he’s signing the autographs for, I’ve got to imagine that [he lost his virginity],” he said.


Meanwhile, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier star Anthony Mackie has responded to rumours about Captain America 4.

In April, news broke that the team behind the Marvel/Disney+ series was working on a new film in the series.

“I literally found out yesterday in a grocery store,” Mackie said of the news of a fourth film in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. “The checkout guy named Dwayne, a cool cat, he’s like, ‘Yo, man. Is this real?!’ [holds up a cellphone] I’m like, ‘I haven’t heard anything.'”

He added: “That’s what I love about working for Marvel. They call you, they’re like, ‘Come to L.A. We wanna tell you what’s going on.’ So, I’m excited to see what happens, but I haven’t heard anything.

“What would be really bad is if the movie starts and I get blown out of the sky.”

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