Carrie Fisher reveals that Harrison Ford threatened legal action over publication of their ‘Star Wars’ affair

"I know the whole thing embarrasses him. That's what it's for, to embarrass all of us again."

Carrie Fisher has spoken further about the “intense affair” she had with fellow Star Wars actor Harrison Ford while the pair were making the original trilogy of movies, revealing that Ford had threatened to get his lawyer involved.

The actress recently revealed in her book The Princess Diarist that the pair, who played love interests Princess Leia and Han Solo, embarked on a real-life romance after filming began on 1977’s A New Hope. “It was Han and Leia during the week, and Carrie and Harrison during the weekend,” Fisher wrote.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Fisher revealed that prior to the revelation Ford had floated the possibility of legal action over the episode.


“I told him I found the diaries, which I had not seen since I’d written them and that I was gonna publish them,” Fisher said. “He just said, ‘Lawyer.’ I told him he could take out anything he didn’t like. I sent it to him, but he never commented. I guess he didn’t loathe anything. I know the whole thing embarrasses him. That’s what it’s for, to embarrass all of us again.

“I would like to hear what he thought of it. He knew that I was kind of infatuated with him at the time. But what he thought, I don’t know. We weren’t communicating a lot.”

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Asked if she felt a sense of relief now that their affair was public knowledge, Fisher admitted that it hadn’t brought her any closure.

“It’s just some big overgrown cat out a bag that could have stayed closed, I suppose. But people have been speculating about it, though it was not something we ever discussed. It was just this elephant in the room. And to this day I feel nervous around him. He just doesn’t engender relaxation. Maybe it’s just me.”

Returning to the present, a new trailer for the forthcoming new Star Wars film, Rogue One, was released today.