Carrie Fisher on ‘Star Wars’ directors: ‘George Lucas never spoke, but J.J. Abrams talks a lot’

Princess Leia actress also praises Abrams for bringing so much energy to the film's set

Carrie Fisher has discussed the differences between working with J.J. Abrams on The Force Awakens and original Star Wars trilogy director George Lucas.

“He was great to work with,” the Princess Leia actress said of Abrams at The Force Awakens‘ London press conference yesterday (December 17). “George Lucas was wonderful to work with, but he never spoke really. He just said ‘faster!’ or ‘more intense!’. But [J.J.] talks a lot and it’s really good stuff he says.”

“And he’s got a lot of energy and we didn’t have any energy on the first film. It’s sad, really,” Fisher added jokingly.


Harrison Ford then shared his own thoughts on working with Abrams, saying: “It helps a lot to have someone who gives as much as J.J. gives. This is besides directing…. the human kindness that J.J. brings to the set every day is part of what makes the movie what it is.”

During the press conference, J.J. Abrams spoke about the representation of women in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, explaining that he wanted the film to “look and feel” like the real world. Meanwhile, new Star Wars actor John Boyega arrived late to the press conference having overslept after a “very, very busy night”.

Watch Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford talk about working with J.J. Abrams below.

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