Carrie Fisher reveals the line of ‘Star Wars’ dialogue she hates the most

Princess Leia actress says the line was so terrible, it made her want to become a writer

Carrie Fisher has claimed she hated a line of dialogue from the original 1977 Star Wars movie so much, it made her want to become a writer.

During a Q&A event at the Tribeca Film Festival yesterday (April 19), the Princess Leia actress recited the line three times to highlight its clunkiness: “I have placed information vital to the survival of the Rebellion into the memory systems of this R2 unit.”

According to Uproxx, Fisher also revealed during the Q&A that her hatred for the line was behind her decision to speak it in a strange British accent in the 1977 film.

Fisher’s Star Wars: A New Hope co-star Alec Guinness was also highly critical of George Lucas’s dialogue, writing in a letter at the time: “New rubbish dialogue reaches me every other day on wadges of pink paper, and none of it makes my character clear or even bearable.”

Fisher would go on to write numerous novels and non-fiction books, as well as the screenplays to the 1990 film Postcard From The Edge and the 2001 TV movie These Old Broads. She also worked on the films Hook, Sister Act and The Wedding Singer as an uncredited script doctor.