‘Cars 2’ roars to Number One despite less than glowing reviews

'Bad Teacher' scores a healthy opening too

Disney Pixar‘s Cars 2 has entered the US box office at Number One.

The sequel to the 2006 original has racked up takings of $68m (£42.6m), up by $7m (£4.3m) on the first film, but down on industry expectations.

The film has also received some of Pixar‘s worst ever reviews, with critics saying, “[their] mythical run of great films is over” and that the studio has “finally come out with an out-and-out stinker”.

While the ticket sales look poor in terms of other Pixar features, Toy Story 3 grossed almost double the take of Cars 2 in its opening weekend, merchandising for the original Cars movie bought in over $10billion alone (£6.2b).

All of Pixar‘s 12 films have opened at Number One.

Elsewhere in the charts the Cameron Diaz comedy Bad Teacher grossed over $31m (£19.4m), a highly respectable figure for a comedy with an estimated budget of $19m (£12.1m).

The Green Lantern, the superhero film starring Ryan Reynolds, dropped to third with a disappointing second week total of $18.5m (£11.5m). Despite the relatively poor box office showing and almost unanimous slating from critics, Warner Bros say a sequel is still more than a possibility.

Next week, Transformers: Dark Of The Moon will be hoping to set records at the US box office, and worldwide, when it’s released on Wednesday (June 29).

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