Casey Affleck slams critic who had given him bad reviews during Critics Circle acceptance speech

Affleck was speaking after winning the award for his role in 'Manchester By The Sea'

Casey Affleck called out one of his critics during an acceptance speech for his Best Actor award at the New York Film Critics Circle’s annual awards night.

Affleck was honoured for his work in Manchester By The Sea – which is tipped for success in the Academy Awards next month – at the 82nd edition of the NYFCC’s awards bash, which were held in the city on Tuesday (January 3).

During his acceptance speech for Best Actor, Affleck took the opportunity to pointedly address the host of the awards ceremony, David Edelstein. “I like to read reviews, particularly when they’re informed without being esoteric, critical without being snarky or personal,” Affleck began, before reading out snippets of what the NFYCC chairman and New York Magazine reviewer had written about him in the past (via Deadline).

“Affleck, though likable, doesn’t have a lot of variety and resorts to chewing gum to give his character through-lines,” read one takedown from Edelstein, while another declared about the actor: “Affleck’s line readings would be too mumbly and mulish even for the glory days of ’50s Method [acting] and he might as well be wearing a T-shirt that says ‘Shoot Me.’ Fortunately, he’s not the lead.”

Another criticism read: “it’s looking like whenever I see Affleck’s name in a movie’s credits, you can expect a standard, genre B picture — slowed down and tarted up.”

Reports suggest that the audience at the awards loved Affleck’s roasting of Edelstein, but the host himself responded rather less effusively: “Edelstein was stung and spent perhaps too much time in the final rounds of the night protesting too much, rather than just owning his words and moving on,” reports Deadline.

Manchester By The Sea will be released in the UK on January 13.