Cate Blanchett dressed up as her kid’s teacher during lockdown

"She wouldn't allow me at all to teach maths or do phonics unless I dressed up"

Cate Blanchett has said she dressed up as her child’s schoolteacher during lockdown.

The Nightmare Alley actor said she was responding to requests from her seven-year-old daughter Edith during the 2020 coronavirus-enforced lockdown.

“She wouldn’t allow me at all to teach maths or do phonics unless I dressed up as her teacher and put on her teacher’s voice,” Blanchett told the BBC.


“I had an array of stuffed animals who also had to be taught. It wasn’t an offer I made. It was a request she made.”

Blanchett then said she now refuses to do the teacher’s voice, saying it was “so traumatic”.

“Mrs Venables Kyrke? No. It was so traumatic for me I’ve actually put my Mrs Venables Kyrke to bed,” she said. “She was her teacher then. She’s a saint.”

Discussing the impact home school had on her respect for teachers during the pandemic, Blanchett continued: “One thing that really came home to me was just how incredible teachers are.

“That is an inherently dramatic situation where you have to stand up in front of a class of 30 often disinterested pupils and try and get the engaged in medieval history.”

Cate Blanchett is currently starring in Guillermo Del Toro’s Nightmare Alley alongside Bradley Cooper, Toni Collette and Rooney Mara.


Cooper recently opened up about his nude scene in the film, saying it was a “big deal” because it was a career-first.

“I remember reading in the script and thinking, he’s a pickled punk in that bathtub and it’s to story. You have to do it,” Cooper told The Hollywood Reporter.

“I can still remember that day, just to be naked in front of the crew for six hours, and it was Toni Collette’s first day. It was just like, ‘Whoa.’ It was pretty heavy.”