CGI Yoda added to ‘Star Wars’ Blu-ray – video

'Phantom Menace' Jedi master no longer a puppet

George Lucas has once again changed aspects of the beloved Star Wars films to fit a new format.

Not content with tinkering with the effects in the original trilogy, Lucas has revisited the first of his prequels, The Phantom Menace, and added a CGI Yoda to proceedings.

As discovered by the 900-year-old Jedi master looks much the same as he did in Episodes II and III.

You can see the changes below.

Old puppet Yoda

New CGI Yoda

Lucas, the creator of the Star Wars Universe and director of Episodes I, II, III and IV, has amassed criticism in the past for playing with certain aspects of the original films. Most notably when fan favourite and all round smuggler scoundrel Han Solo no longer gunned down a bounty hunter. The incident is known among fans as “Greedo shooting first”.

Fans will be able to see whether more changes have been made to Star Wars when the Blu-ray edition is released on September 12.

You can view the trailer for the Blu-ray editions here.