Character revealed and more videos and images from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ set – video

Juno Temple may play Holly Robinson

As filming continues on The Dark Knight Rises more videos and images have leaked online, as well as a potential piece of casting news.

This month’s Total Film magazine repeats previous rumours that actress Juno Temple is set to take on the role of Holly Robinson, an accomplice to Catwoman.

In Frank Millar‘s graphic novel Batman: Year One, Robinson was a young prostitute who worked with the feline villain’s alter ago Selina Kyle. The comics also see her taking over the reins as Catwoman in one story arc.

Temple, who appeared in Atonement before taking a larger role in the remake of St Trinians, is toeing the party line about the part. When questioned about her role she said only, “I can’t talk about that.”

As shooting moves from Pittsburgh to LA more videos and pictures showing stunts from the set of The Dark Knight Rises have leaked online.

Fan-shot footage of the new Batman film includes the aftermath of an explosion, fake snow and the Batpod in a trailer. Also online is a new shot of Anne Hathaway in a fight with what looks like a run of the mill street thug.

The Dark Knight Rises is due for release on July 20, 2012.