Here’s the first look at Matt Smith as Charles Manson in new film ‘Charlie Says’

The former 'Doctor Who' actor will portray the notorious cult leader in the upcoming movie

The first trailer for the film Charlie Says, which stars Matt Smith as Charles Manson, has been released – check out the clip below.

The movie, which has been directed by American Psycho filmmaker Mary Harron, will see the former Doctor Who actor playing the infamous criminal and cult leader, who died in prison in November 2017 at the age of 83.

Charlie Says will focus on three women – Leslie Van Houten (played by Hannah Murray), Patricia Krenwinkel (Sosie Bacon), and Susan Atkins (Marianne Rendón) – who were part of the so-called ‘Manson Family’, which carried out a series of murders and crimes in 1969. The film also follows criminology student and human rights advocate Karlene Faith (Merritt Wever) as she is granted access to the women in an effort to rehabilitate them.

“Convinced the prisoners are not the inhuman monsters the world believes them to be, Karlene begins the arduous process of breaking down the psychological barriers erected by Manson,” a synopsis for the film reads. “But are the women ready to confront the horror of what they did?”

The first trailer for Charlie Says has been released this week, giving a glimpse of the forthcoming film and previewing Smith’s transformation into Manson – who appears to be depicted almost entirely in flashback sequences – for the movie.

Charlie Says is set for release in the US on May 10, and on-demand on May 17. A UK release has yet to be confirmed.

Back in January, Smith was linked with a role in Marvel’s Morbius The Living Vampire, which is set to star Jared Leto.