Cheers! Bars in America are now serving Baby Yoda cocktails

Drink it, you must.

Baby Yoda, star of new Star Wars spin-off TV show The Mandalorian, has become a meme sensation, and is now also the inspiration for a cocktail.

As Fox reports, a number of bars across the United States have started making Baby Yoda-inspired cocktails.

Sammy Black, a barman at the Lux Central bar in Phoenix, Arizona, created the Lux Baby Yoda, which you can see below. They went crazy for it,” Black told Fox. “I think I served about 15 of them last night.”


The cocktail was given apple-slice ears and a “robe” made of brown paper to complete the Baby Yoda look.

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The Sheridan Room in Minneapolis is also getting on the Yoda cocktail bandwagon. “We’ve reached peak internet over here,” they wrote in an Instagram post sharing their creation.

Baby Yoda has been the highlight of the ongoing Mandalorian series, and iconic director/actor/producer Werner Herzog recently called out the crew of the show for almost replacing the Baby Yoda puppet with CGI.

It was reported that, upon hearing that a digital substitute might be subbed in at a later point, Herzog reacted by saying: “You are cowards. Leave it.”


The last film in the current Star Wars trilogy, The Rise Of Skywalker, was released last week. An NME review of the film called it “a sufficiently satisfying finale that gives fans exactly what they want”.

Meanwhile, Jon Favreau has revealed the second season of The Mandalorian has already begun filming.