Chris Evans tells Jeremy Irons to apologise after actor swears on air – listen

Irons dropped the f-bomb on Evans' BBC Radio 2 show earlier today (March 18)

Jeremy Irons was told to apologise by Chris Evans after inadvertently dropping the F-bomb on BBC Radio 2 earlier today (March 18).

The Oscar-winning actor was promoting his latest film High Rise when he shared a piece of advice he had once been given by fellow thespian John Hurt, who had hit upon a failsafe way to intimidate up-and-coming actors.

Irons recalled: “And he said, ‘You know what I do when I find a good actor? I say to him, ‘You have a wonderful voice. Have you ever listened to it?’ And the actor is f**ked.”

“You can’t say that on the BBC!” Evans gasped, urging his guest to apologise to any listeners who may have been offended. The actor promptly told the audience he was sorry for using the expletive, explaining that he had been lulled into a false sense of security because his interview with Evans felt so “relaxed” and “normal”.

High Rise, an adaptation of JG Ballard’s 1975 novel in which Irons co-stars opposite Tom Hiddleston, Sienna Miller, Elisabeth Moss and Luke Evans, opens in UK cinemas today. Read the NME review here and listen to Irons dropping the F-bomb on BBC Radio 2 earlier below.