Chris Hemsworth hacks the hackers in trailer for Michael Mann’s ‘Blackhat’ – watch

'Heat' director's cybercrime thriller in cinemas February 20, 2015

Thor star Chris Hemsworth has taken a break from wielding his mighty hammer to play a computer hacker in the latest thriller from Michael Mann.

The director of Heat and Collateral says his cybercrime thriller Blackhat will show how vulnerable we’ve all become.

Hemsworth plays genius coder Hathaway, a convicted hacker serving 15 years in prison. He is called upon to help the US government bring down a cybercrime network hitting the financial markets. Utilising his American and Chinese contacts the action moves from Chicago to Los Angeles and overseas from Hong Kong to Jakarta.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly Mann said of the film: “They don’t know who [the terrorist] is, where he is, and they don’t know why he’s doing what he’s doing. There’s no apparent motive. The people they’re working against are high-speed, world-class. They’re dangerous, violent, and that launches our story.”

Mann spent years researching the world of so called whitehat and blackhat hackers who can bring down economies with their laptops. The director warned: “It’s happening on mechanical pieces of equipment that are sometimes 16 or 20 atoms wide, and the repercussions, in terms of everything from famine to hope to retail food prices, is huge and instantaneous. That reaction time – that’s the world we live in now.”

Also starring Viola Davis, Tang Wei, Wang Leehom and John Ortiz, Blackhat wil reach UK cinemas February 20. Watch the trailer below.