Christian Bale says daughter wasn’t impressed he sang with Taylor Swift

"Wait, what?"

Christian Bale has said his daughter wasn’t impressed he sang with Taylor Swift in Amsterdam.

The actor stars in David O. Russell’s new comedy, which also features Swift in a smaller role and sees her sing alongside Bale and John David Washington towards the start of the film.

Bale recalled first hearing the news and telling his family about the forthcoming role alongside Swift, and said his daughter seemed disappointed.


“That was a real nice surprise, and I actually didn’t tell anybody about that until afterwards,” Bale said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “I went to my daughter and said, “You know who I sang with today? Taylor Swift.” And she was like, “Wait, what? Why would you be doing that?”

Discussing the scene, Bale went on: “It was a very funny scene, actually, because J.D. and myself had been practicing that song a little bit. David had us sing it all day long, but then there were moments where I would forget the lyrics.

“So I’d look at J.D., he’d look at me and then he’d forget, too. So I would have to mouth it to him. And then we were going flat. Our pitch was all over the place, but we were like, ‘Yeah, but the feeling is right!’”

Elsewhere, Bale recently said he had to ignore Chris Rock on the set of Amsterdam as he was “too bloody funny”.

The Dark Knight actor said he had to start ignoring Rock after he started making him laugh on the set of the film, and Bale found he “couldn’t act”.


Amsterdam will be released in cinemas next month.