Watch Christian Bale’s transformation into Dick Cheney in first ‘Vice’ trailer

Do Oscars beckon?

The first trailer for Vice has been released – and it’s providing an early indication that Christian Bale might be the perfect fit as Dick Cheney.

The biopic, directed by Anchorman‘s Adam McKay, follows Cheney’s career as he rises through the ranks of American politics to become the all-powerful Vice President of the Bush administration.

As the first trailer shows, it also seemingly focuses on how Cheney became one of the most influential figures in persuading America to invade Iraq in 2003.

Another early moment offers the first sight of Sam Rockwell’s George W.Bush as he persuades Cheney to become his VP.

“The Vice President is a mostly symbolic job”, Cheney reflects upon Bush’s offer. “However, if we came to a different understanding I can handle the more mundane jobs.”

As well as Bale and Rockwell, the trailer offers our first looks at Steve Carell as defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Amy Adams as wife Lynne Cheney.

As photos from last year revealed, the role saw Bale transforming his body yet again – shaving his head and eating “lots of pies” in order to reflect Cheney’s body.

Vice is set for release in the US on December 25, before hitting UK cinemas on February 1.