Christopher Nolan discusses possibility of directing a future James Bond film

The 'Dunkirk' director has been linked to the franchise in recent years, and has regularly spoken to Bond's producers

Christopher Nolan has spoken out about the possibility of directing a James Bond film in the near future.

The London-born director, whose latest film Dunkirk hits cinemas on July 21, has been linked to the spy franchise for a number of years. The immediate future of Bond has been up in the air in the past year, with lead actor Daniel Craig still yet to officially commit to the role of 007 – though there are now reports circulating that Bond producers are close to securing the actor for Bond 25.

Speaking to Playboy, Nolan registered his interest in possibly taking the director’s chair on a future Bond film – but only if the series was in need of some “reinvention.”


Asked if he’d be interested in taking on the job, Nolan said: “A Bond movie, definitely. I’ve spoken to the producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson over the years. I deeply love the character, and I’m always excited to see what they do with it.

“Maybe one day [him directing a Bond film] would work out. You’d have to be needed, if you know what I mean. It has to need reinvention; it has to need you. And they’re getting along very well.”

With Craig now reportedly set to reprise his role as Bond in the next film, producers are also hoping to secure the singing services of Adele for the Bond 25 theme song.

Adele’s title track for Skyfall, the most successful Bond film of all time, became a global hit single in 2012, and later won the singer an Oscar, a Grammy and a Golden Globe.