Christopher Nolan’s next film will be released in summer 2017

But the 'Dark Knight' director has yet to give anything about the project away

Christopher Nolan’s next film will arrive in summer 2017.

Warner Bros. has announced that the director’s next film will be released on July 21, 2017, but gave away no further information on the project. Nolan is known for keeping details about his films tightly under wraps and has yet to reveal anything at all about the 2017 movie.

The 2017 movie will be Nolan’s 10th feature-length project and first since 2014’s sci-fi hit Interstellar, which grossed $675m (£440m) at the global box office and received six Oscar nominations. The director’s biggest hit remains 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises, the final instalment in his Batman trilogy, which grossed over $1.084 billion (£705m).

Having appeared in Nolan’s last six films and been described as a “good luck charm” by the director, it is highly likely that Michael Caine will have some kind of role in the 2017 movie, though of course this has yet to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, Nolan has contributed to next year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice in an advisory capacity as an executive producer. Ben Affleck will play the caped crusader in the superhero mash-up movie, taking over from Nolan’s Batman Christian Bale, and is also set to write and direct his own standalone Batman movie following its release.