UK cinema chain to introduce 270-degree screens to over 100 of its theatres

Cineworld are behind the launch of the immersive new screens over here after its successful introduction in South Korea

Cineworld are set to introduce 270-degree screens to over 100 of its cinemas across the UK.

The CJ 4DPLEX-created technology, which is called ScreenX, successfully launched in South Korea three years ago, and is described as “the world’s first multi-projection immersive cinema auditorium which provides a 270-degree viewing experience”.

“The technology goes beyond the frame of a traditional screen by expanding the film scenes onto the side walls,” an official description from Cineworld continues. See a trailer for ScreenX from the cinema chain below.

ScreenX has so far been installed in two locations, Cineworld Greenwich (in The O2 in London) and Cineworld Speke in Merseyside. So far, the films The Meg and Ant-Man and the Wasp can be viewed in those two Screen X-fitted theatres.

“We know cinema is all about the experience and for this reason our technology is designed to connect cinemagoers more closely with the action,” CJ 4DPLEX’s CEO Byung-Hwan Choi said.

“ScreenX mimics how the human eye interprets a visual by appealing to both our front and peripheral vision. It honours our commitment to break cinematic boundaries and create amazing cinema experiences.”

Speaking to The Evening Standard, Cineworld’s operations director Kelly Drew spoke of the company’s strong belief in the new technology.

“This is a brand new technology. It does immerse you into the action, and it’s a new experience, nobody else is doing this in the UK,” she said. “We’re confident that it’s going to go well for us.”