Coen Brothers respond to John Turturros’ ‘The Big Lebowski’ spin-off movie

John Turturro is bringing The Jesus back to life in 'Going Places'

Back in August it was announced that the Coen Brothers’ classic 1998 comedy The Big Lebowski would begetting a spin-off film – but the directing brothers wouldn’t be involved.

Instead, John Turturro – who played menacing bowler The Jesus – is making a crime caper about his character.

The Jesus, remembered for his catchphrase “Nobody fucks with The Jesus”, is to be the lead character in Going Places, a crime caper based on 1974 French comedy Les Valseuses. Last month, John Turturro shared the first image from the film. You can see it below.

Going PlacesGetty

The Coen Brothers have finally responded to the film, as Turturro claims they’ve offered their full support for the idea. Speaking to Screen Daily, he said; “It kind of blew their minds. They thought it was a great idea and told me, ‘We’ve taken a character inspired from a stage play and now you want to put him in a movie which is a French movie, which was inspired by American road movies.’”

Turturro also spoke of how he came to put the character of Jesus Quintana into the movie. “I thought, ‘Wow! We’ve talked about doing something with Jesus Quintana but it was always silly,’” he remembers. “I started playing around with it and I thought we could be onto something with his irony and the irreverence of the character.”

“I knew him in a much more complex way than what people had seen in the movie, which was the trailer version of the character,” Turturro continued, stating that the character would be getting more than just his usual one-liners in Going Places.

Vinyl actor Bobby Cannavale will be starring as The Jesus’ partner-in-crime Petey. The storyline is said to be about the pair heading out on a mission to give a woman (played by Audrey Tatou) her first orgasm. Susan Sarandon also stars in the movie. Filming is currently underway in New York but a release date for the film is yet to be announced.