Coen Brothers planning biopic of folk singer Dave Van Ronk

Film makers looking at the life story of legendary musician

The Oscar-winning Coen brothers, Joel and Ethan, are thought to be making a musical biopic of folk legend, Dave Van Ronk, for their next project.

Last month, Indiewire reported that Joel Coen had informed an audience at the Lincoln Centre: “We’re working on a movie now that has music in it but it’s pretty much all performed live”.

Now word has got out, via The L.A. Times, that the subject of that film will be Dave Van Ronk.

Van Ronk was an American singer who presided over the Greenwich Village folk scene of the ’60s. He was seen as so integral to the music scene in New York, helping promote artists like Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Phil Ochs, that he was dubbed ‘The Mayor of MacDougal Street’.

Sources say the movie will be, in part, adapted from Van Ronk‘s own memoir, ‘The Mayor of MacDougal Street’ which was published posthumously in 2005, three years after his death.

The Coen brothers, famous for films ranging from The Big Lebowski to last year’s True Grit, have tackled the music industry before with their Mississippi set screwball comedy O Brother, Where Art Thou.

The pair won the Academy Award for Best Director for No Country For Old Men.

You can hear Dave Von Ronk and Bob Dylan play ‘Riding in My Car’ by Woody Guthrie below.