Coffee shop customers terrified by hidden camera prank promoting ‘Carrie’ remake – watch

Horror flick starring Chloë Moretz and Julianne Moore opens in UK cinemas on November 29

A hidden camera prank promoting the forthcoming Carrie remake has been frightening customers in a New York coffee shop, and now the video has gone viral.

The new Carrie movie is being is being billed as a “re-imagining” of the classic horror novel by Stephen King, which was famously adapted into a 1976 film starring Sissy Spacek. In the new version, Kick-Ass star Chloë Moretz plays Carrie, the girl who unleashes telekinetic terror on a small town after a nasty trick backfires on prom night.

Carrie is set to open in US cinemas on October 18 (before getting a UK release on November 29) and to build buzz Sony’s marketing team staged a fake display of telekinetic rage in a New York cafe. When a clumsy customer knocks over a woman’s drink, she loses her temper and appears to pin him to the wall telekinetically, before angrily scattering tables using her supposed “powers”.

The video, titled ‘Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise’, shows how the prank was set up as well as how it plays out and frightens real-life customers. It’s already racked up over four million views on YouTube – watch it below.

Alongside Moretz the new Carrie movie stars Julianne Moore as the girl’s overbearing mother and Judy Greer as her sympathetic gym teacher. Kimberly Peirce (Boys Don’t Cry, Stop-Lost) directed from a script by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (HBO’s Big Love) based on the original novel by King.