Colin Trevorrow’s original script for ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ emerges online

Spoilers for The Rise of Skywalker lie within

The early script for Star Wars Episode IX, when Colin Trevorrow was still due to direct, has seemingly leaked on Reddit, The Playlist reports. Spoilers for The Rise of Skywalker lie ahead.

A subreddit called /StarWarsLeaks posted a comprehensive script breakdown, and The Playlist followed relevant sources to confirm. Lucasfilm and Trevorrow have not commented.

If the leak is correct, Trevorrow’s film would have been called Duel of the Fates. The plot is delved into with great detail: “The First Order has cut off all communication between planets to suppress a rising rebellion inspired by Luke Skywalker’s stand at the Battle of Crait,” writes The Playlist. “In the crawl, the audience is told the Resistance’s mission is to re-open communication and call the galaxy to war.”


A crucial difference with JJ Abrams’ film sees Emperor Palpatine mentioned, but not actually featured at all in Trevorrow’s script.

Elsewhere, Rose Tico’s role would have been more substantial, with a subplot shared with Finn in which the pair travel to Coruscant and rally rebels by lighting and activating a beacon in the old Jedi temple.

Finn would have also been offered a full-circle arc, seeing the former Stormtrooper deal with his internal struggles and eventually regroup with other defected Stormtroopers to form an army.

More details in the leak suggest Kylo Ren killed Rey’s parents, that Rey is not in fact Palpatine’s granddaughter, and the film would have ended with Rey training the next generation of Force-sensitive Jedi.

It was never officially confirmed what happened between Trevorrow and Lucasfilm, as the director left the project due to “creative differences”.


NME’s Alex Flood gave Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker three stars, calling the film “a fan-focused finale that will leave the franchise’s core audience roaring like Wookiees with delight”.