Corey Feldman calls drug-related arrest a “shakedown”

Actor/musician thinks the timing is "ironic"

Actor Corey Feldman received a drug-related misdemeanour in Louisiana this weekend, describing the arrest as a “good ol’ shakedown”.

Whilst touring with his band, Corey Feldman & The Angels, the Goonies star was pulled over for speeding in an recreational vehicle in Mangham, Louisiana, KNOE reports.

After discovering that the vehicle’s licence was suspended, Feldman and his crew were taken to the police station.


One police officer smelt marijuana and decided to search the vehicle, discovering a medical prescription for the drug belonging to the crew.

The crew were then forced to pay a fine, with Feldman receiving a misdemeanor due to it being his vehicle. See Feldman’s full explanation of events in the tweets below.


Feldman then claimed the incident was a “good ‘ol shakedown”, where they were asked to pay a fine and pose for photographs with the police officers. He also claims the officers called local press to organise interviews.

Last week, Corey Feldman spoke out in the wake of widespread sexual abuse allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

Feldman has been open about the abuse he and his friend the late Corey Haim received as child actors, but said that despite there being a wave of stars currently coming forward, he would continue to keep his abuser’s name secret.

Last year, Corey Feldman and his band went viral after a performance on the US Today Show saw him doing a peculiar dance on the show.

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