Could Daniel Radcliffe return as Harry Potter for ‘Cursed Child’ film?

Warner Bros reportedly looking to release movie adaptation of stage show

Reports suggest that plans are being made for a possible new Harry Potter film starring Daniel Radcliffe.

Radcliffe portrayed the character for eight films from 2001-2011, with actor Jamie Parker taking on the role for new stage show, Harry Potter And The Cursed Child.

New York Daily News now reports that Warner Bros is interested in acquiring the rights for a Cursed Child movie, which could be released as soon as 2020.


“Warners is secretly working on getting the movie rights and a screenplay settled, and of course in their minds only one man should be Harry,” a source reportedly told the publication.

“However he has made it clear that his mind is certainly not focused on returning to the role anytime soon — and that could be until he hits 40.”

“[Radcliffe] doesn’t need to go back for money or to reboot his career, so he will need some persuading,” the source is also quoted as saying.


Speaking about whether he would consider a return as Potter, Radcliffe recently told the Radio Times: “It would depend on the script. The circumstances would have to be pretty extraordinary. But then I am sure Harrison Ford said that with Han Solo and look what happened there!”

“So I am saying ‘No’ for now, but leaving room to backtrack in the future,” he added.