Couple who knocked themselves out practising their wedding dance say they won’t try ‘Dirty Dancing’ lift again

The pair went viral after images of the incident appeared online

A couple who went viral after knocking themselves out while practicing their wedding dance have spoken out about the incident.

Andy and Sharon Price were trying to perfect the lift from Dirty Dancing in a pub garden in Weston-Super-Mare when things went wrong and the pair ended up being seen to by medics.

Speaking to the BBC, Andy said: “I was concussed. I was out. I ended up in a neck brace and had to have a CT scan.


“We were about 30ft apart and Sharon ran and I grabbed her hips and the next thing we knew we were flat out.”

Dirty Dancing is one of Sharon’s favourite films and she explained her and her partner thought it “would be something different” for their big day. “Everybody else slow dances, so we thought we’d jazz it up a bit,” she said.

Their practice run on Saturday was “spur of the moment” with “no build up, no warm up”. “I think I knocked myself out hitting the floor as hard as I did,” Andy said. “I wasn’t too aware of what was going on after that.”

Sharon added: “I can remember running towards Andy and then the next thing just struggling for breath and my back was hurting.” Both were taken to Southmead hospital by an ambulance.


The couple have now said they will rethink their wedding dance following the accident. “I don’t think we’ll have that one at the wedding, I think we’ll go for a traditional slow one and I’ll let Andy choose,” Sharon said.

Meanwhile, actor Emma Stone revealed her own failed attempt at recreating the iconic movie scene earlier this year.

In the 2011 rom-com Crazy Stupid Love, Stone and her La La Land co-star had to recreate a scene from Dirty Dancing, with Gosling lifting her in the air just like Patrick Swayze lifted Jennifer Grey.

Speaking on The Graham Norton Show, Stone explained that the scene revealed an interesting phobia of hers. “When we do Crazy, Stupid Love, I know that we’re gonna do the Dirty Dancing lift,” she said. “I don’t know, however, that I have an internalised phobia of being lifted over someone’s head at the height of about six feet.

“It was a lot. And then it was a meltdown. I mean, I had a real meltdown. I had to go lie down.”

She also revealed on the show that she had broken both her arms as a child after she fell off a parallel bar in gymnastics class, as People reports.

Gosling, who appeared alongside her on the chat show, joked of Stone’s fear of being lifted: “I never had this happen, but I imagine if a possum fell out of a tree and tried to scratch your eyes out, it would be something similar.”

In the end, a body double had to be used to film the lift scene. Watch the interview above.