Watch Courtney Love star in the dramatic new ‘Menendez: Blood Brothers’ trailer

The former Hole frontwoman will star in the made-for-TV film later this year

The latest trailer for Menendez: Blood Brothers has been released, starring Courtney Love as Mary “Kitty” Menendez.

Love’s involvement in the upcoming TV film, which will premiere on the US network Lifetime on June 10, was first confirmed back in February. The former Hole frontwoman will play Kitty Menendez, who, along with her wealthy entertainment executive husband Jose Menendez, was killed by her sons Lyle and Erik Menendez in 1989. They were convicted of murder in 1994, with Lyle and Erik currently serving life sentences in separate prisons for their crime.

Announcing the project, Lifetime said the movie will focus on the “extreme abuse the brothers endured at their father’s hands, while their mother looked the other way”.


The latest trailer for Menendez: Blood Brothers has now been released, which shows Love in her role as Kitty. Watch the new clip below.

Directed by Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato, Love will star alongside Nico Tortorella, Myko Olivier and Benito Martinez in the new TV film.

Love, meanwhile, recently revealed during an Instagram Live session that she is working on an autobiography.

Once the book is finished, Love says she will then release her next solo album. Asked by fans what the new material will sound like, she hinted that it would be rocky but with “beats”: “Like [how] Lana Del Rey has beats. And Lorde has beats.”

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