Critics give their verdict on Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Logan Lucky’

Heist caper starring Channing Tatum, Daniel Craig and Adam Driver is out in the UK tomorrow (August 25)

Critics have given their verdict on Steven Soderbergh’s new heist caper Logan Lucky starring Channing Tatum, Adam Driver and Daniel Craig.

The films follows follows three siblings who plan to rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway during the Coca-Cola 600.

Most of the reviews have been largely positive for the movie which is out in the UK tomorrow (August 25) with The Guardian describing it as a “comic thriller brimming with energy and wit from the returning Ocean’s Eleven director.”


The Hollywood Reporter‘s Todd McCarthy also gave the film a positive review, saying: “This is a good-times film that doesn’t put on airs, dress to impress or pretend to be something it isn’t. It just aims to please and does a pretty good job of it.”

Empire magazine also gave it a thumbs up with writer Andy Lowry declaring: “Even if it needed one last push to make it truly exceptional, there’s a lot to enjoy here. And Soderbergh once again attracts a cast it’s a pleasure to spend time with.”

Meanwhile, the New York Times described it as “Steven Soderbergh’s gravity-defying, ridiculously entertaining new film, which ends a blessedly brief retirement, concerns itself with a desperate attempt to even the odds,” while Variety said: “What ensues is a playful, down-home take on Ocean’s Eleven that relies less on sleek gadgetry and sophisticated repartee than on cramped ductwork, pneumatic tubes and dimwitted, aw-shucks patois.”

Of the few negative reviews, Rex Reed at the New York Observer‘s was one of the harshest as he declared: “Logan Lucky is as charming and welcome as toenail fungus”.

Many fans also praised the movie with one writing: “Logan Lucky isn’t good it’s great, don’t trust anybody, I’ve seen people dismiss it as ‘fun’ who I know for a fact have never had fun before.”


Another added: “Logan Lucky is a really good, just a really funny, gentle heist movie. I don’t think anyone even cussed in it.”

Others were more scathing of it with one fan writing: “Logan Lucky. My dad really dug it, but it wasn’t my thing. I just went for Seth MacFarlane and Sebastian Stan anyways.”

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