What the critics have to say about hyped indie film ‘Lady Bird’

Greta Gerwig's new flick is getting a lot of love

Greta Gerwig’s much-hyped new indie film Lady Bird has received a great deal of critical acclaim and success.

The film is a semi-autobiographical directorial debut from Gerwig, and follows the tale of a troubled teen in California and her turbulent relationship with her mother.

At the time of writing, the film has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with critics and audiences alike widely praising the film. Entertainment Weekly comment that is “feels like the fullest realization so far of her already-patented brand of gangly bittersweet whimsy”, while Time Magazine write “Lady Bird is both generous and joyous, but when it stings, it stings deep.”


“As warm as it is smart – and it is very smart,” write the LA Times, and the Wall Street Journal pile on the praise: “Once you’ve seen it – even while you’re watching it, with a grin stuck on your face – you want to give thanks for how wonderful it is, how wise and funny and full of grace,” they write.

Rolling Stone call Lady Bird a “perfect movie”, while the BBC claim “it offers an eloquent, fresh voice from a thoroughly accomplished film-maker.”

Twitter has also been awash with praise, with LA Times’ Kenneth Turan writing: “‘Lady Bird’ earns nearly $400,000 in just four theaters. So satisfying to see audiences supporting entertaining quality cinema in a big way.”

Lady Bird is set for a UK cinema release in February 2018.

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