Cult ’80s film ‘War Games’ to be remade

Matthew Broderick film set for 21st Century make-over

War Games, the cult ’80s film about computer games triggering World War III, has found a director for it’s planned remake.

Deadline reports that the project has will be overseen by Seth Gordon, the man who made his name with the computer game documentary, King of Kong.

King of Kong, also a cult favourite, told the story of rival ‘gamers’ who went head-to-head playing competitive Donkey Kong.

War Games will be Seth Gordon‘s first move into fiction drama after comedies Four Christmases and the up-and-coming Horrible Bosses.

The original story centred around a young computer genius who happens upon the super-computer tasked with keeping watch over the US Army’s nuclear arsenal.

Challenging the computer to what he thinks is a game, the young boy, played by Matthew Broderick, inadvertently starts a potential third world war.

The original 1983 thriller, which also starred a young Ally Sheedy, garnered three Oscar nominations (sound, writing and cinematography) and has since become a cult favourite.

War Games is one of several remakes on MGM‘s books, including Carrie and Robocop.